dear awoo,

• illustrator • storyteller • amateur animator •


My name is Alii. I'm an artist & illustrator, particularly well versed in fantasy & whimsical styles, as well as anime inspired looks.
I'm constantly practicing my skills and bettering myself through continuing courses and seeking experienced mentors.
I have experience making emotes for Twitch & Discord, logos, portraits, posters, storyboards, merchandise designs, and character designs. I have a strong command of anatomy, color theory, lighting, and design concepts. If you enjoy my work, you can find my latest works on Instagram, or subscribe via Patreon to get the earliest updates on all of my projects.
email: [email protected]

terms of service

By commissioning the artist, you are agreeing to the terms outlined below.
Please read before proceeding with requesting or continuing work with Awoo.
• Artist retains the right to refuse requests & decline/cancel a commission.
• Artist is free to practice their profession for others agreements.
• Any commissions that the artist cancels will result in a full refund.
• Cancellations & refunds may only be requested before work has begun;
In the event of a cancellation request after work has begun, the artist will retain a partial fee for hours serviced.
• Refunds will not be issued after the commission is completed.
• Ill behavior will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to:
verbal abuse, disregard to agreed schedules, violations of privacy, etc.
Any violations of these terms will result in termination of your commission.
• Works in Progress are available upon request.
• All WIP delivered will be watermarked & are not permitted for distribution.
• Any revisions requested must be made during WIP or scheduled check-ins.
• Any major changes requested after the sketch phase may result
in additional fees.
• Major revisions include but are not limited to:
Pose changes, expression changes, costume changes, etc.
• Please make sure you are satisfied with all major elements during the sketch phase & palette delivery.
• Any schedules/deadlines must be requested before the commission begins. If no deadline is requested, the artist retains the right to work at their leisure. If the artist is working at their leisure, max commission time is 6 months.
• Work will only begin after payment has been delivered in full, or first
scheduled payment has been made.
In the event of a payment schedule, final delivery will not occur until final
payment is received.
• If the commission is urgent, there will be an additional rush fee
• If the commission is being used commercially, there will either be an
additional fee or royalty payments; these must be discussed prior to
beginning of the commission.
• Client understands that there is no physical product associated with this
transaction; final product will be delivered via email.
• If the client wrongfully files a chargeback against the artist, the client will lose all rights to any work the artist had previously made
at the client's request. The artist retains rights to those works & may sell them to another client or issue them for commercial use. If the client uses the artist’s work in any way, this will be considered copyright infringement & they will be issued a DMCA. Other lawful actions may follow.
• Artist retains all copyright to the art.
• Commissions created solely for the client can be used as follows:
Repost on social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Discord, TikTok, etc. with proper credit to the artist.
• Use copyrighted artwork for personal use & promotional use.
Print the artwork for personal & promotional use.
• Client may commission a third party for animation, so long as credit is retained for original concepts, illustrations, & works.
• The following cannot be done & will be considered copyright infringement:
Reproduce/use the artwork for commercial use, unless otherwise agreed upon terms prior to start of the commission.
Claim credit for the creation of the artwork.
Removal of any watermarks/signatures.
Altering the artwork in any way without the artist's consent.